Blood Glucose Meter

blood glucose meter

Medicare and Diabetic Supplies

Medicare does cover the cost of your testing diabetic supplies, if you carry the Part B Medical coverage.
Medicare-Approved Items:

Testing strips
Lancing Devices
Meter batteries
Control Solution
Vacuum Erection Pumps

Medicare covers these items at 80% of their fee schedule after your annual deductible. Annual deductibles are $100.00 and apply to all of your medical costs, such as doctor's visits, etc. Supplemental insurance to Medicare usually pays for the 20% co-pay, and in some cases covers your annual deductible also.

If you do not have a supplemental insurance policy and are on a limited income, you may be eligible for our Financial Assistance Hardship Program. If accepted, we will waive the 20% Medicare co-payment. "Accepting Assignment" means that we will not charge you any dollar amount above Medicare's allowed rate.

Non-Medicare Items: Medicare does not cover any items they consider to be "prescription" items. If you do require insulin and syringes, we can provide, but these items will be at your cost. Please ask us about our pricing for these items and hopefully we can help you save some money!


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